Every pair of feather earrings is created paying close attention to every detail, resulting in truly unique feather earrings for unique individuals.  

Feather earrings will add style, chicness and elegant to any wardrobe. 
All our feather earrings are handmade.


My name is Rhonda Bracy and I’m the owner of My Feather Earrings.  I started this business because I believe that feathers symbolize so much to so many.  Our feathers are Boho. 

We use Boho feathers because of their beauty and that Boho feathers makes a statement.  I personally believe my feather earrings add style to any wardrobe. All of our Feather Earrings are handmade.
To me Feathers are spiritual to some.  In the Bible, feathers seem to speak of the idea of ‘covering’, of protection and of God’s loving care. 

These two passages seem to express these ideas the best: “He will cover you with his feathers", and "Under his wings you will find refuge".